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The STEM Soccer program is a 2018-19 STEM curriculum that can be implemented in classroom settings, after-school enrichment programs, and summer camp models. This project-based program is best-suited for grades 3 through 6, is student-centered, student-led, where instructors help facilitate the STEM curriculum. Participating students receive a STEM education while simultaneously learning the science behind the sport of Soccer.

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Full Description

Designed to pair strategic STEM-based activities with essential game-play and current hot topics, STEM Soccer gives students the opportunity to get behind the sport they love with lessons centered around the transformation and technology behind a soccer ball’s design and the materials that make it up, the history and innovation of goal-line technology and more. STEM Soccer is an eight (8) module educational enrichment program that comes complete with worksheets and aligns with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards. Each STEM Soccer kit includes a teacher’s manual -- that is easily administered -- and all of the reusable sporting and science equipment in order for the program to be fully implemented. Although specifically composed for grades 3-6, the program is constructed with flexibility in mind as it can be scaled and taught to older student groups and in a variety of settings, i.e. in-school, after-school programs and in camp settings.

A STEM Soccer kit is priced at $1,049 and can reach hundreds of students over several years. Each STEM Soccer kit comes with one (1) teacher's manual, six (6) size five soccer balls, six (6) regulation size futsal balls, six (6) 25-foot tape measures, 24 disc cones, five (5) heart rate monitors, six (6) digital timers, six (6) training pinnies, four (4) tent pegs, one (1) roll of string, one (1) roll of masking tape, one (1) ball pump, one (1) set of inflation needles, and one (1) ball bag.

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