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STEM Multi-Sport Grades K-2 Kit – no-sports equipment kit

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The STEM Multi-Sport grades K-2 no-sports equipment program is a unique STEM supplemental curriculum with a variety of different lessons. Young students will learn motor skills, spatial awareness, and movement patterns and a variety of 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creative problem-solving, and leadership.

The STEM Multi-Sport Supplemental Curriculum no-sport equipment kit for grades K-2 is an educational enrichment program that combines STEM education and the real-life application of several sports. It is made up of eight (8) modules, several with worksheets, all which align with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and/or Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and/or National Standards for K-12 Physical Education. Each STEM Multi-Sport K-2 kit includes a teacher’s manual -- that is easily administered -- and reusable sports equipment and science supplies in order for the program to be fully implemented and turnkey. 5E sequenced lessons are specifically composed. The program is well designed and scalable for teachers, administrators and even volunteers for school classrooms, after-school programs and in camp settings. It also includes a glossary to support instructors and students as they come across key vocabulary in each module.

A STEM Multi-Sport K-2 no-sports equipment kit can reach hundreds of students over several years. Each STEM Multi-Sport K-2 kit comes with one (1) teacher’s manual, from ShortGolf®: three (3) ShortGolf® clubs – puttr!, hitta!, hitta! (lefthanded), four (4) mini-stikkas!, three (3) flagsticks!, two (2) t-mats! and eight (8) ballz! along with twenty four (24) disc cones, six (6) digital stopwatches, six (6) 25-foot tape measures, one (1) weight scale, five (5) cut ball swatches – indoor, five (5) cut ball swatches – outdoor, five (5) calipers, one-hundred (100) latex balloons,. Each STEM Multi-Sport no-sports equipment kit is priced at $1,099.00. Items removed and thus needed: six (6) 25.5-inch youth outdoor basketballs, six (6) pee-wee footballs, six (6) foam footballs, six (6) size 3 soccer balls, six (6) 6-inch playground balls, three (3) balls bags, one (1) ball pump, and one (1) set of inflation needles.

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